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Maintaining a youthful appearance requires a lifetime of care; there are no shortcuts!
Did you know that ageing starts from the day you were born?

As people get older there is greater deterioration in their body including the ability to repair skin. In general terms, the skin cell is weaker and less healthy.

The skin becomes fragile, increases in laxity, becomes wrinkled, wound healing slows down and pigmentation is increased. Further ageing occurs with our stressful lifestyle, polluted environment, smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, wrong diet and UVA/UVB rays.

Regular skin care is important but what do you do about the existing damage? Our microdermabrasion is a medical treatment that improves and can eliminate certain skin conditions and imperfections including acne scarring, enlarged pores, aging skin, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment works by removing the top layer of inactive skin which stimulates new cell growth leaving luminous, younger looking skin.

BEAUBELLE products and therapies merge the riches of nature with the most advanced in dermal-cosmetic science. Our approach to skin care has two primary goals. One, to treat the problem at hand in the short term, and two, to eliminate the problem at its source by fortifying at the cellular level to support the body’s natural ability to renew, relax, rebalance and revive itself unlike other alternatives available in the market which are short term solutions and may have side effects.

We know everyone’s skin is different, so before prescribing your treatment we’ll consult your medical history, consider your needs and lifestyle and only then, provide you with a program that’s designed SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU.

We’ll advise you on day-to-day skin maintenance, after treatment care and recommend the best products for your skin.

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